Jackyl Rocked at Amos Southend!

February 22, 2009

To say Jackyl had an amazing gig at Amos on Feb 20th would be an understatement. The band was on top form and played to a packed house as Charlotte welcomed the legendary rockers back to North Carolina. Mudd presented Jeff Worley with his new signature model Worley Wolf Custom guitar on stage… The crowd approved and cheered loudly as Jeff plugged it in, the first song he played with his new axe… ‘Down on Me’ The guitar sounded amazing as Jeff tore it up for the rest of the night. As always at the end of every Jackyl gig, the band went to the merch booth and were there for over an hour, shaking hands, having pictures taken with fans and signing more naked breasts than I could count… this band love their fans and the fans adore them back!

An awesome night at a great venue. I won’t easily forget Charlotte, this town is over flowing with awesome food, more stunning women than you can imagine…. and a heart that loves to ROCK!! As Arnie would say…. I’ll be back….