Glad We Could Help!

March 13, 2009

I’m sure most of you probably already know this, but hot women and bad ass guitars sort of go together pretty well. So when Mudd Guitars was asked by a VERY hot adult website girl, if she could use one of our guitars for a photoshoot, how could we possibly refuse! Angel was born and raised in the ‘Lone Star State’ and when she saw our custom Texas Flag John Junior model, she told us ‘I just have to do some pictures with that guitar, it looks so amazing and I promise I’ll be very grateful if you let me use it’. Well that sealed the deal, and when Angel came through Phoenix on her way to L.A. she stopped by the shop and picked up the JJ.

We hope you enjoyed using our axe Angel… and errr… could you please just wipe it down before you bring it back… Thanks :)

To visit Angel’s website and check out the pictures she took with the guitar CLICK HERE