68 Guns Rocks Zoobrew

April 26, 2009

Phoenix based Hair Rock band 68 Guns rocked the annual ‘Zoobrew’ Festival hosted by the Phoenix Zoo. The band played for almost two hours for the 4000 plus guests. Thor and Zulu worked their Mudd Custom guitars hard to fire up the crowd. Thor played his full custom neck through Zebra G-String and Zulu played his Zulu Pirate Bass. The band were also joined on stage by Mudd Guitars owner Jack Frost for a couple of songs, Jack played his Mayhem Anarchy Edition through a Hughes & Kettner TriAmp MK2. Nothing sounds better than a Mudd Guitar played hard through any Hughes & Kettner Amp. Mudd Guitars also donated a guitar to the charity raffle to help raise funds for the Zoo.

Thanks to Thor and Zulu for playing the Mudd!! You guys Rock.