The Glick Stick goes on Tour

June 2, 2009

Mudd Endorsed artist Roman Glick, Bass player for legendary Rock band Jackyl and also for Player Kommander, is about to go on tour. Roman called us with a slight problem, he couldn’t find a case big enough to fit his ‘one-off’ axe of destruction… ‘The Glick Stick’. So what did we at Mudd do… we made him one! He sent us the Stick for a check-up prior to the upcoming ‘Player Kommander’ tour, and we sent it back to him in a shiny new custom made case. Well actually it wasn’t shiny, it was black and very ominous looking, because we covered it in bed liner. If you’ve ever seen Roman play Bass, you’ll know that he takes no prisoners and he definitely needs a case that’s as tough as he is.

If you’ve never seen a ‘Player Kommander’ gig… you need to. These guys kick ass big style, ‘White out of the Mind’ and ‘Borrowed Soul’ are two of the best songs you’ll ever hear. If you haven’t checked out PK yet, you need to visit their amazing website at There’s some really cool videos of the band in action, as well as a band bio, merchandise and lots more… they even sell Vinyl!

Good luck on the Tour guys… we hope to see you playing Phoenix very soon!

For a list of upcoming tour dates CLICK HERE
You can also hear some of the bands music on their MySpace page.