Kenny Kweens & BC Rock Rocklahoma!!

July 10, 2009

Beautiful Creatures played to a packed house at Rocklahoma last night. Joe Leste and the rest of the band put on a great performance for the enthusiastic crowd. Kenny Kweens was awesome pumping out the beat with his Mudd Guitars custom Electrostar Bass. The sparkle finish looked amazing under the house lights as the band powered out their set. New band members Justin on drums, and Delta on lead guitar did a great job and fitted in well with the line up. At one point Delta’s strap button broke off his guitar, but he didn’t even miss a note, he just threw the guitar up on his knee and carried on playing. At the end of the song he just duct taped the strap back on and called it good. Deltas playing was superb, a very talented guitarist who I’m sure will be a welcome addition to the band. Anthony Focx was solid on Rhythm as always and the band sounded very tight with the new additions.

Kenny Kweens also recently joined LA Guns, so now you’ll get to see him rockin’ out the Elecrostar with two great bands. Nice job Kenny, keep rockin’ the Mudd.