If you can dream it, we can build it!

That’s our motto at Mudd Guitars, the only real limit to your new guitar is your imagination.

We offer eight ready made models that you’ll find listed under the ‘gear’ section, 3 electric, 3 bass and 2 acoustic. These are designs from our custom shop that can still be customized to your individual needs. Items such as pick ups, hardware and finish can be changed to suit your personal tastes, but the actual design will remain as shown.

The guitars listed under the ‘custom’ section are all guitars that were specially built to the customers requirements. Some are modifications or special finishes of our standard designs, and some are complete one offs. The one offs are full customs that were designed with input from the customer on exactly what they wanted from their instrument. These guitars will give you some ideas for your own design, and allow you to see just how cool we can make your new custom guitar look.

For Sale
The guitars listed under the ‘for sale’ section are instruments that are currently available for immediate sale. They are all in new unused condition unless otherwise stated, and some of them are one of a kind designs. If you need more info on any of the models listed,  just call us and we’ll be glad to help.

Finishes, Colors and Hardware
We can finish your guitar in either Poly or Nitro Lacquer. You have virtually limitless options on color and we can also apply specialty finishes such as chameleon and metal flake. We can fit any brand of hardware, and fit any pick up configuration to suit you. Call Mudd to discuss your individual needs and to start your own new guitar design today.