Kenny Kweens

Mudd Booth NAMM Show 2009

It has been a wonderful experience to design a guitar that incorporates everything I could ever want. The people at Mudd Guitars where great to work with and, I might add, are very cool. The team at Mudd was able to make the Elector-Star a perfect mix between vintage and modern. With its sparkling silver finish, 100% chrome hardware and a big white pick plate, it clearly has a classic look. At the same time, The Electro-Star has sexy, classy, sleek lines which makes it fit perfectly in today’s new world.

None of this would matter if it didn’t play and sound amazing – and it does. The thin neck makes it play like a dream and of course it has that big warm thick punch that I demand in my Bass Guitars. This thing was built to lay down some serious heat and it does. To Robert, Jack, Zulu and the Mudd Guitar Company I salute and thank you!

Cheers, Kenny Kweens

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